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The UK Flying Fifteen Association spreads the message about the quality of sailing and racing to be had.

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New Primary PY Number

New Primary PY Number

Primary PY Now 1021


The RYA has made a significant change to the PY number see the explanation here


Club-Members League Table...!

You remember that interesting league table showing how many paid up association members there are in each fleet?  You know, the one we used to see in the Year Book....  Well, BIFFA HQ has issued an update to the the table, which is attached here.


The BIFFA Members Club League Table

Do you remember when our Annual Year Book used to contain the league table of Clubs according to how many paid up association members there were?
Is the New Ovi Deck Mould a Bit Lighter?
FF World

Is the New Ovi Deck Mould a Bit Lighter?

Way down on the FF Measurement Form, on about Page 8, is a box for "Measurer's Remarks"..... None of my previous FF's had anything written in there before, but I happily received a new boat in late September and this is what the Measurer had recorded on Page 8...

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