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UK Flying 15 Class Association

The UK Flying 15 Association exists to promote the class and competitive racing between people who sail these boats.

UK Flying 15 Association

Flying Fifteen sail symbolThe Association exists to promote the interests of the Flying Fifteen Class in the United Kingdom, to bring owners into contact with each other, to control and manage Class affairs in accordance with their wishes, to co-ordinate the holding of Championships and other Open events, to be affiliated to and liaise with, FF International on matters relating to the Class Rules or any other matters which concern FF International.

UKFFA maintains this website to facilitate communication between members and provide historical class information.

Members information is held securely and requires you to register on the website and be authorised by the Fleet Secretary.

The association also publishes a news letter which is also available in these pages and in print if requested, we also maintain a second hand boat list available free to prospective purchasers.

The Association also represents the Class at various RYA meetings, any reports will also be published on this website.

The Association is seeking to make Class Membership relevant to ALL who sail a Flying 15 even if they do not sail anywhere but their home club. To further that aim you need to read about the revised Class Insurance scheme.


Insurance scheme for Association members


Craft Cover - Flying15 Fleet Insurance Craft Cover, the specialist sailing craft insurance solution from UKGobal, is proud to be the approved Insurance scheme for the Flying 15 Association and its members. In conjunction with the Association, Craft Cover has developed a highly competitive insurance product, exclusively for Flying 15 members.

Full information, application and claim forms available on the Insurance page - Find out more about the scheme

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