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UK Flying 15 Association Committee details

UK Association/Committee Details
When you want to talk to a committee member who are you going to call? A list of those that do in the Flying 15 fleet.

Association Contacts

Office Name Phone Email
President Tim O'Brien   send email
Past President Bobby Salmond   send email
Vice President Ian Cadwallader   send email
General Secretary Keith Jamieson 7977 591677 send email
Publicity Officer Jeremy Arnold   send email
Chief Measurer Simon Patterson 788 203594 send email
Sailing Secretary VACANT    
Regional Rep Co-ordinator VACANT    
Sailing sub-committee (reports to Sailing Secretary)
Deputy Chief Measurer VACANT   send email
Fixtures & Nat. Champs Co-ordinator Mike Kilbee   send email
Training Officer Simon Kneller   send email
Publicity & Marketing sub-committee (reports to Publicity Officer)
Webmaster Simon Thompson   send email
Advertising & Sponsorship Robert Pitts   send email
Dinghy Exhibition Coordinator VACANT    
Magazine Editor Simon Thompson   send email
Membership sub-committee (reports to General Secretary)
Fundraising & Merchandise VACANT    
Class Insurance Scheme Chris Waples   send email
Data Management & Archives Dave Hemmingway   send email
Classics & Silvers Rep Bobby Salmond   send email
Classics & Silvers Promotional Rep Bobby Salmond   send email
Regional Rep sub-committee (reports to Regional Rep Co-ordinator)
Regional Rep (Scotland) VACANT    
Regional Rep (North) Dave McKee   send email
Regional Rep (Midlands) VACANT    
Regional Rep (South West) Dave Hemingway   send email
Regional Rep (South East) VACANT    
Other Contacts
Boats For Sale Controller Keith Jamieson    
Class Fleet Captains Details of Captains/Clubs  
Advice for Fleet Captains Open Meeting Publicity Guide  
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