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UKFFA Nationals 2023

UK Association/Nationals 2023
This page carries useful information about the UK Flying 15 Nationals at W&PNSC in September 2023. Late entries use the form at the bottom of the page.


Courtesy of our headline sponsor, UK Global in conjunction with Haven Knox Johnston, Adam Bowers will be in the dinghy park and on the water to offer pre and post-race observations, along with hints and tips to move up the leaderboard, on 21st, 22nd and 23th September.

We are grateful to our sponsors for providing further great prizes which will be presented throughout the week including,

Logo Sponsor 

Sarah Hornby Art,


Gin Sponsor
 Salcombe Gin,       

Equipment Sponsors

Day Sponsor

Impact Marine


UKFFA Entry Form

  • UKFFA Nationals Entry Form 2023

  • Boat Details

  • Next of Kin information

  • Any dietary requirements

  • Competitor Declaration

    Completion and submission of this form shall constitute acceptance of the provisions below.
  • •    I agree to be bound by the current World Sailing RRS, the notice of race, the class association rules and any local navigation by laws as necessary.
    •    I acknowledge that the Race Organiser, Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Centre, the UK Flying Fifteen Association, any Officers or persons acting on behalf of the organisers, during the event shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage, death or personal injury arising from participation in this event.  This is also valid for vessels involved in security, salvage or towing as well as the persons driving those vessels or having put their vessels at our disposal.
    •    It is the sole responsibility for each yacht crew (parents/guardians for under 18’s) to decide whether or not to start or continue in any race.
    •    Every owner/crew warrants the suitability of the said boat for the race or races.
    •    For all under 18’s, I agree to fill out and sign the Parental/Guardian Declaration below. 
    •    I agree that adequate insurance is in place to cover my craft for racing activities at least £3 million pounds or equivalent in any other currency.
    •    I understand that the wearing of medical alert tags, bracelets or other means of notification is useful in certain emergency circumstances and I accept full responsibility for not doing so if I have a medical condition that would benefit from such identification or have been advised to do so by a suitably qualified medical person.

  • Parent / Guardian Declaration

    Completion and submission of this form shall constitute acceptance of the provisions below.
  • • I accept responsibility for his/ her conduct while sailing in this event and in or around the W&PNSC premises.
    • I understand that sailing has its attendant risks and that the organising authority cannot accept responsibility for Youths.
    • I undertake to ensure that he / she will be suitably clothed while on club premises and whilst sailing.
    • I understand that my child/ward may be photographed by the club or its agents and the photographs or
    video used for promotional activity and waive any copyright.
    • I accept responsibility for the seaworthiness of his / her boat and for its “adequate” insurance against
    third party claims. This will be at least £3 million or equivalent in any other currency.
    • I understand the decision to allow the above named to participate in any event or training activity is
    my sole responsibility.
    • I declare that the above named can swim 25m with a buoyancy aid.
    • I undertake for those under 14 yrs, to ensure that a Parent or Guardian will counter sign the on / off or as required by the sailing instructions.
    • I declare that I have disclosed any medical problems that might affect the above named during the
    course of the Event. I consent to any emergency medical treatment deemed necessary by first aiders / rescue personnel or ambulance technicians/paramedics during the event

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