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Who's Flying at Hayling?!

Hayling Island Sailing Club is proud to welcome the Flying Fifteen fleet for their National Championships from 7th to 10th  July.  The event was previously scheduled for 2020 but you-know-what happened.  Nevertheless, we rise again and meet at one of the best established bases for the Flying Fifteen fleet in the UK – possibly the world! 

HISC has been home to Uffa Fox’s best creation since the Fifties and has close to 20 active boats at the club.

This year we can welcome current and former national and world champions; club heroes; and the usual suspects of goodtimers and oldtimers. 

Leading the pack we have:

Graham Vials and Chris Turner – reigning World and National champs.  Even knee surgery hasn’t stopped Chris from competing!  Indeed knee surgery is almost mandatory!
Steve Goacher and Tim Harper- the Whippet and the Whopper are ex World champs and regular race winners.
Jeremy Davy and Martin Huett – probably the most consistent nationals performers in the UK, winners in 2016 at Hayling.

Ian Pinnell and Ian Cadwallader  - Flying Fifteen class’s Mr Fixit and El Presidente teamed up again, fresh from winning the inlands.

Richard Lovering and Matt Alvarado – ex champs, often leading the fleet, rarely out of the top four in nationals and worlds.  Matt is rarely out of the bar!

Andy Jameson and James Grant – AJ and Jimmy G have been super fast at HISC and other events. 
Greg Wells and Dave Tulloch – ex nationals champ Greg is a fleet legend, sailing for a second year with his old mate Dave!

There are so many more great sailors I could list.  Honourable mentions must go to our hotshot visitors:  Shane McCarthy and Adam Froggart from Ireland; and Campbell Alexander and Ralph Thomas from South Africa.  Plus imports from other classes: 505 legend Terry Scutcher and GP14 master Andy Tunnicliffe.

Finally, gratitude expressed to those pledging support for this event: UK Global Insurance; Pinnell & Bax; Hyde Sails; Goacher Sails; Ovington Boats; and Raymarine.

A warm Sandy Point welcome to everyone from Hayling Island Sailing Club!

Mark Nicholson, 
FF Fleet Captain, HISC


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