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2022 Classic & Silver National Championships
Jeremy Arnold 1235

2022 Classic & Silver National Championships

28-29th May

We are returning to Grafham once again for our Classic and Silver Fleet National Championship on the weekend of 28/29th May at Grafham Water Sailing Club. Please note that this is not the bank holiday weekend, as the holiday is on the following Friday, 3rd June, for the Queen’s Jubilee weekend. 

As last year, the aim is serious but fun racing amongst like boats with a strong emphasis on camaraderie and we would love to see as many of you as possible coming along to join us. The event will join with the existing FF Inland Championships, but there will be a separate start (and possibly a separate course, depending on numbers) with results for silver and classics separated into their respective fleets. 

We had a great event in 2021 despite Covid restrictions, and now these are lifted we would love to see as many boats out as we can. It doesn’t matter if your boat hasn’t got all the latest gear, there will be something for everyone and you will be sailing with boats of a similar age and condition. 

As many of you know, Grafham is an excellent piece of water and centrally located, with good access from major routes and the club itself has excellent facilities and is well used to holding major events, so we can be assured of well-run races and off water amenities.

So, put the date in your diary and keep an eye out on the FF Class website for the NOR and further details. We look forward to seeing you there.

Expressions of Interest

It will assist the organisers greatly to know in advance how large the Classic & Silver fleet is likely to be, so if you are planning to attend - or indeed if you have any other queries - please let either Graham Lamond or Jordan Aspin know. Thanks!

Graham Lamond - 07751 042774 / [email protected]

Jordan Aspin - 07790 315165 / [email protected]


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