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Keith Jamieson 459

Winter Invite

Blackpool and Fleetwood Winter Series

We’re aware that a lot of you have a break over winter and recharge. However, for those who wish to keep racing, we would like to invite you to Blackpool & Fleetwood Yacht Club’s Frostbite Series. For many years Blackpool & Fleetwood Yacht Club have raced all year round, with no break in activity. We also have the 54th Annual Eskimo Pursuit Race on 27/12/2022 starting at 12:50hrs. this is a pursuit race with entries most years of over 30-40 dinghies. We then follow two weeks later with the Frostbite Open Series which runs until the end of February. As you are probably aware we have circa 16 Fifteens at the club with regular turnouts of 8 or more boats. There will be a dedicated Flying Fifteen Class start for each race in the Frostbite series and we will be on the water for approximately 2 hours, as our tide leaves us after that. Competitors are welcome to leave their “Fifteens” at the club rigged on the trailer for the duration in our locked compound.  However please contact me in advance via the website Contact us ( under the option Flying Fifteen Fleet Captain if you wish to do that as space in the fenced compound is limited. The program is as scheduled on the club’s website and the club SI’s are there too. The dates for the Frostbite Series are as below: Frostbite Race Date Start Time 1 & 2 8th January 11:00 3 & 4 22nd January 10:20 5 & 6 5th February 10:20 7 & 8 12th February 14:10 9 & 10 19th February 9:20 11 & 12 26th February 14:20 Hope to see you soon, Rob Mountain Blackpool & Fleetwood Flying Fifteen Fleet Captain

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