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Chris Hough 1952-2022
Keith Jamieson 1076

Chris Hough 1952-2022

A true friend of the Flying Fifteen Class

Chris was an avid Flying Fifteen sailor, originally sailing Fifteens with his Dad Geoff in FF2186, he continued through other Fifteens right up to the recent European Championship in Cowes, sailing 3898 just a week before his untimely death. Although an excellent helm himself, in a Flying Fifteen Chris preferred the crew role, a role in which he excelled.
Chris had boundless energy, a natural exuberance - and the ability to talk the hind legs off a donkey - which made him the perfect choice for President of the British Isles Flying Fifteen Association in 2000, a platform that allowed him to cement lasting friendships around the world, he was also Treasurer of FFI from 1995 to 1996. Chris loved being out on the water, from his days sailing a Fifteen with his Dad to achieving one of his many ambitions by competing in the ARC transatlantic race. He became a staunch supporter of the Flying Fifteen fleet at Bewl Valley, whereas as class captain from 1991 to 1993 Chris’ enthusiasm helped rejuvenate the class at Bewl.
Chris competed in numerous Flying Fifteen open meetings and championships - including 5 world championships (in Hong Kong, Esperance, Cowes, Durban, and Auckland) He would jump at the chance to sail any type of boat (as long as it had a keel!), and sailed most of them including skippering his own Sigma 41.
Along with his brother Steve, Chris was also a great car and motorsport enthusiast, again covering a broad spectrum, from his beloved classic 1960s MKII Jaguar to his Aston Martin Vantage V8 (which brought him joy, consternation, and speeding tickets!) Other cars over the years included a Westfield Seven and a TVR Cerbera and trips to various race circuits including Le Mans.
Chris will have touched so many lives within the global Flying Fifteen community and he will be hugely missed. Personally, I had the privilege of his friendship for 30 years - sharing Flying Fifteens, cars and unforgettable adventures with him as both my best mate and crew. I know Chris’s spirit will always be with us on those perfect sailing days when the Spinnaker flies and the boat hums.
Colin Nutt

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