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Your Worlds need you! Enter now
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Your Worlds need you! Enter now

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Whilst the deadline for entry to the World Championships is formally on the 1st of June, it would be of great help to our friends in France who are organising to have people enter well before that technical date.

Currently, entries stand at 20 boats (14 from the UK). The organisers are seeking a minimum of 85.

t has already been clarified that despite there being a qualification series last year, it is highly unlikely for this to need to be used. It would only be a factor if it looked like there were going to be more than the official maximum number of entries of 100. We have a long way to go before reaching that limit!

(With the venue limit set at 100 boats you may be wondering why we at UKFFA ran a qualifying series. This is to do with the way that the entry criteria rules are structured, so in the event of the venue limit being reached then FFI would come to us for a list of those boats pre-qualified.  In this case we would need something to base this list on hence the need for a qualifying series. If you have any questions please contact either myself or the Secretary.)

So, if you have had even the slightest idea of attending (or even if you only have eaten French cheese this year) then please go to the event website at and sign up as soon as you can.

For accomodation I suggest you start here: or

For travel - here is the Brittany Ferries link:

I look forward to seeing as many of you who can make it there (including those with older boats!).

Simon Thompson
(President 2014-2016)

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