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Yet More on Dainty Duck....!
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Yet More on Dainty Duck....!

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Just thought that as being a resident of Wales I ought to try to see if there was any other information that might cast any light on the Dainty Duck flying fifteen for sale in Pembrokeshire, for two reasons:

  • Firstly because the seller appears to have established provenance of the purchase from Uffa Fox and ownership for 60 years prior to his purchase.
  • Secondly because the seller has a record of fine restoration work on other wooden craft.

To that end I did a little research following the responses to the post, and noted that the Uffa Fox website might be able to give us a clue.

Perhaps it’s not a case of ‘The Dainty Duck’ but ‘A Dainty Duck’ you can read the rest here.

Paul Taylor

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