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UKGlobal Sponsors the National Ranking League..!

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UKGlobal National Ranking League

We are pleased to announce UKGlobal as our title sponsor for the National Ranking League.

Based on results over the past 6 years, I have simulated who would have been the Number 1 ranked boat each year based on the new National Ranking. As you can see it is by no means a foregone conclusion and anyone really can take the honours.









Steve Goacher

Steve Goacher

Charles Apthorp

Greg Wells

Alan Bax

David McKee


Simon Kneller

David Mckee

David McKee

Charles Apthorp

Gill Browning

Steve Goacher


Hamish MacKay

Justin Waples

Robert Hogben

Steve Goacher

Charles Apthorp

Justin Waples


Peter Card

Malcolm Hall

Andy Clark

Andy Clark

Andy Clark

Paul McCarthy


Bobby Salmond

Gavin Cassidy

Bobby Salmond

Tim Tomlinson

Bob Tait

Colin Fletcher

Greg Wells thinks that ‘the ranking system is an excellent initiative which will create much interest. Virtually all sports have world ranking lists and it is a great opportunity for the International Flying Fifteen class to lead the way for the non-Olympic classes’.

Class President, Jeremy Davy believes that ‘the beauty of having those distinct categories is that it provides a sub-plot where older FFs can race each other on a level (and affordable) playing field... and the racing is just as serious as in the Open Fleet!’

The question is can any of these helms ‘retain’ their title? Simon Kneller, the current National Championship and who would have come second last year has taken an early stranglehold as we move on to the second event of the season. The next events come in quick succession with Datchet this weekend, closely followed by Bewl, Burnham and Grafham.

There is all to play but who is your money on to become the top seed in the 2013 UKGlobal National League?

Tom Waples

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