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President's Letter, October 2021
Jeremy Arnold 1403

President's Letter, October 2021

Championship season over for another year, but big things happening...

Cad’s notes

Well, thanks to you all, we’ve made it through a complete season of Nationals, Inlands, Northerns, Scottish, Southerns, a great open season, a fun set of regatta weeks and the bedrock of the class, club racing. I hope you found something during this programme to get you back out on the water and enjoying the sheer delights of sailing and of course, the joy of sailing the Flying 15.

Since our last newsletter a lot’s been going on…..

John Best, Bobbie Salmon and the team at Loch Earn ran the Scottish Championships. Thank you to all the volunteers and the travellers who made the trip. I know the sponsorship from Glenturret Distillery with their fine whisky took some of the aches & pains away. Although, it might also have something to do with Bobbie sailing the wrong course whilst leading ! The event also showed that in the right conditions and in the right hands a classic or silver fleet boat can be more than competitive.

Speaking of which, Jeremy has closed our survey of the classic and silver fleet where we sent a questionnaire out to our members of the association with a boat under 3600. I’ll let Jeremy fully present the results but, in summary, the fleet would like a separate Classic nationals next year away from Hayling. The committee, led by Graham Lammond will work on this and incorporate this with next years Calendar.

You will also have received another survey from Flying 15 International about the class rule changes. Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote – we expect FFI to announce the results very shortly. [STOP PRESS - Ballot results have now been announced - see article on FFI website]

So, to the Opens:

Beautiful Llangorse with their new clubhouse was a mix of classics, silvers and moderns was won by John Craddock & Frankie Devereaux, Robert Dangerfield & Claire Ellis and David Morgan & Lorain’s Walden respectively.

Huge congratulations to John Hansen and Helen Selden for winning South Cerney in their classic, Forever Fish. John restored and campaigned 2260 in memory of John’s friend and crew John Fisher who sailed her and sadly passed away during the 7th leg of the Volvo Ocean Race. The next stop for the boat is Australia where she will be presented to Fish’s club and used as a training boat – what a tremendous idea.

Aldeburgh held a very well attended and friendly open with Charles and Richard Apthorpe showing the way. I know Justin Waples and Jackie McKellar had nothing but positive words to say about the event. So, let’s all try an support this growing fleet next year.

It was a family grudge match at Dovestone between the McKees with youth prevailing over deviousness and cunning. Well done  to Andy and Rich Jones. Although they were so busy keeping father and mother behind them, Graham Massey & Lucy Clough disappeared for a race win.

And finally, Broxborne. Although a light wind affair – it did show that consistency wins through with Pip Hudson and Mason King building  on their 2nd place at Aldeburgh and taking the prize.

That leaves just the Inlands at Chew. We started the weekend on the Friday with Chris Turner – world and national championship winning crew running a training day. Although there wasn’t enough wind to get out on the water – it was a really useful day with all the participants taking something new home. For me, it was looking at that 4th corner of the jib (where the leach tell tale is) and keeping that flying in the light stuff by moving the cars back – but simultaneously, sheeting harder, to flatten the foot. It’s quite a balance to get this right and well worth marking your jib sheets and where the foot of the jib touches the washboard.

It says a lot of Chris that he gave his time and travel for free – thank you Chris, that was really kind.

News from Ovingtons is next year's build run is very close to being full with around 15 boats already on order and there’s more coming. So, if you’re thinking of an upgrade please get in touch with Ovi’s, Phil Evans or P&B. Also, have a look at Ginger Boats, they’re showing a lot of potential too.

The weather forecast for the inlands themselves wasn’t great….No wind on Saturday. Hopefully the early call to postpone racing until Sunday was appreciated and allowed time to enjoy the surroundings. I know Jackie  route marched her charges around the lake to keep them well clear of the bar. But seriously,  clear, early calls prevent a lot of hanging around. We’ll continue to take this approach next year.The racing on Sunday was close, very close; with 4 different race winners. It was great to see Mark 9s leading Mark 10s, mixed crews beating all male crews and light weights and heavy weights swapping tacks. This shows the true versatility of the Flying 15 – great sea boat, good inland. Jeremy Davy and Martin Huett were the deserving winners, but I’d especially like to mention Bill Chard & Josh Preater who not only organised the event, but sailed a brilliant series to take third place. Bill has been a great supporter of the class and it was good to see him back after dislocating his knee at the Dublin worlds.

Pictures from the event are here…

To finish off – Keith Jamieson is organising next week's committee meeting. On the agenda is next years travellers series,  the dinghy show,  championship and the survey results. Please get in touch with  me if you’ve any views.

Good Sailing,
Ian Cadwallader
Flying 15 GBR 4055
[email protected]

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