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Official communication channels of UKFFA
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Official communication channels of UKFFA

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We thought it might be a good idea to have a look at line of communication with the Association and how the flying fifteen blog works, why it was set up and how we hope the website will be used


Before the association commissioned the current website, the previous website was difficult to keep up to date with the latest information. As a stop-gap, Richard Jones our Publicity Officer created a separate blog website so that there somewhere to post news items and other interesting flying fifteen information quickly. 

The plan was that the blog would be replaced by the new site which is easier to have maintained by multiple people.

Current status

The "new" website has been live now for 2 years. In that time however the previous blog has continued in existence and I note an assumption amongst some that it is an official organ of UKFFA; with an implied assumption that association committee members watch it every day for comments.

Nothing can be further form the truth. I think our Secretary Keith reads it but I struggle to find where it is and do not. 

We do have a news section on the website where we will publish items sent to us, and we also have a Facebook page and Twitter channel for people to hold discussions on, so we are not short of ways to communicate - perhaps there are too many.

We can add a Forum for members to contribute their thoughts and feelings to all. However this runs the risk of falling into the same trap as the current situation, that is assuming it is a channel to "officialdom".

How to make things happen round here

Our communications paths to make comment to the Committee about things you wish to see discussed or changed are what they have always been, by direct contact with members of the committee, but primarily the Secretary or the President of the day. 

The website provides a convenient way to do this but you can send emails to [email protected] or [email protected] and they will reach us.

I hope this resolves any issues as to why you get no responses to what appears in "The Flying Fifteen Blog"

Simon Thompson
UKFFA President (2014-16)
GBR3950 (Front end!)

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