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More information about 'replacement' Burton SC Open
FF Editor 1334

More information about 'replacement' Burton SC Open

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As you know we have been working hard to find a way of replacing either the Burton or Dovestone opens in order to that there still be two remaining events in the 2018 Waples series, and thus still allowing people to qualify for an overall result.

The first thing to report is:

***** We are NOT having a replacement open at NCSC this weekend *******

It was a valiant effort to try to organise this alternative venue at such short notice but the signs were that we might struggle to get a fleet size in double-digits - many thanks though to those sailors who had committed themselves to coming, and thanks also to Notts County SC for giving their support to the idea.

Anyway, we have a shiny new plan instead, and it's far better!

One suggestion following the last email was that, instead of hastily arranging a new one-off / one-day day event it would make more sense to combine with one of the other (non-Waples) events already on the calendar, in such a way that it became a qualification event for the Waples series.

Always ready to steal someone else's idea, an approach has thus been made to a club (Midlands location) with a well-established October event; this has been well received but we'll wait until they've given an official decision (hopefully next week) before saying more.

Two other points:

- It's still possible that Burton SC themselves might yet be able to host an event later this year, and they are currently praying for the necessary rain. This would then become an additional 'bonus' event in the Waples series, but we will make sure that people know whether this is going to happen in good time before the Notts County open, which is obviously currently scheduled to be the final event of the series.

- As mentioned in the previous email, even though we aren't now having an actual open meeting at Notts County SC this Sunday (16th), visiting F15s are still more than welcome - so if your boat is forlornly sitting on the drive with nowhere to go this weekend then take it along so it can romp about in the F15 fleet in the NCSC club racing. First race 11am.

More news to follow about the 'replacement' October event as soon as we have it, and thanks again to everyone who has been in touch and helped organise things this week.

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