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Insurance Update....!
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Insurance Update....!

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Have you wondered how our new Insurance Scheme is getting on??  I did, so I got an update from Dan Blake at UKGlobal.

The answer basically is "stormingly well".  Before UKGlobal worked with Chris Waples to redesign the policy there were around 260 boats on the policy with about half of them being Association Members.  We are 'in season' now for insurance renewals (not everybody closes their year in February) and applications are still coming in.  There were 25 new owners on the policy by the end of February and there is a feeling that the total number may go above 300 - even 320 has been talked about. Pretty good, eh?  I must say I am extremely pleased with my new premium....

So what does this mean for our Association membership?  Well, for the last seven or eight years we have generally eroded away our membership at a rate of 20 a year. Hopefully when the books close we may not only see that we held the number for the year, but there may even be a growth of another 20 or so on top.  We'll see...!!

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