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Flying Fifteens at the Dinghy Show:- The Story of an Exhibit
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Flying Fifteens at the Dinghy Show:- The Story of an Exhibit

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Photos & Video by David Heron!

"The Inside Track"

(Copy of press release sent to Yachts & Yachting etc)

The 2020 RYA Dinghy Show saw two Flying Fifteens on display, one being a fairly conventional boat built, fitted-out and displayed by Ovington Boats Ltd, whilst the second boat exhibited on the Class Association stand incorporated some new and unique features. This is the story of that second boat.

Flying Fifteen fleets exist across the globe and the international association manages the evolution of the class very carefully to ensure the boat remains thoroughly modern and appealing to sailors -  whilst also controlling ownership costs and maintaining the longevity and strict one-design nature for which the boats are famed.

An example of a fairly recent development was a change to the design of the genoa – increasing it’s height but reducing it’s width – to reduce sheet loads for the benefit of lighter-weight crews.  This change hasn’t altered the speed of the boat but top crews have discovered that it’s possible to sheet the new genoa slightly closer to the centerline in certain conditions, and thus achieve a slight gain in height upwind. Experiments are now taking place across the fleet into the best way of achieving this

Chris Ducker of Royal Windermere YC recently commissioned boatbuilder Phil Evans to fit-out a new Ovington Mk10 hull to his own specification and incorporating custom-made pre-preg carbon ‘pods’ mounted on each side of the cockpit, upon each of which are mounted twin, linked, genoa tracks.

This boat became GBR 4073, the boat on display on the UK class association stand at the dinghy show; the story of it’s design and fit-out – completed less than one day before the show – has been documented in video form by David Heron, and is well worth watching

See the video now at:


Video and photos by David Heron

Thanks to Chris Ducker for loaning his boat for use on the class stand at the show, and thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to man the stand over the weekend

Thanks also to Slam clothing for outfitting all the stand volunteers with some very nice F15-logoed shirts

Chris & Phil working together like a well-oiled machine

Chris explains another of his ideas. Phil wonders if it's too late to change career.

The boat makes it to Ally Pally (and we had a nice big stand this year)

The stand is built, the public are queuing outside, Chris is still fiddling

"This is what you need on your 470 mate!" Olympian Luke Patience receives instruction


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