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Flying European Championships 2024 update
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Flying European Championships 2024 update

From here to Brittany

This event takes place over the Ascension Day weekend from 9th May to 11th May 2024.

It will be run by the French Naval School based in Brest in partnership with the French Sailing Federation. The Grand Prix serves as a platform for the championship of France for many national classes and occupies multiple venues (Brest, Roscanvel, Morgat and Lanveoc) in the Finisterre department of France.

See the website at

The Flying 15 fleet will have its own starts as part of the activity at Morgat where the class held the 2015 World Championships.

The entry procedure will become clearer over time. As we have discovered forward planning runs to a shorter timetable in France.

Morgat is a camping and low-cost holiday destination, and details of how to find accommodation can be found on the website above.

Travel to Brittany by ferry is not subsidised and can appear an expensive option for just 3 days of racing, but as part of a longer spring holiday it can make sense. The closest port to Morgat is Roscoff (2 hours driving time) which is reached by ferry from Plymouth. For those based further along the south coast ferries run from Portsmouth (to Caen, St. Malo) and Poole (to Cherbourg) with longer driving times in France.

Do not consider driving via the Eurotunnel unless you live in Kent as it is an 8 hour drive from Calais!

The French fleet look forward to us all joining them in their National Championships and demonstrating why our boats are fun to sail.

For those who did not travel to Morgat in 2015, the waters are tidal but there are no tide charts. The water goes up and down but not in and out! The boats will be wet sailed moored up in the large marina at Morgat. (see Photo).

Future European Championship venues.

Venues for the 2026 European Championships are already being identified and centre on Spain and Portugal with Italy (Garda) as a backup. Please make your views and preferences known to [email protected].

I suspect that Ireland may be a good venue for 2028 and hope to hear some noises in support over the next year or so.

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