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FF Insurance ....??

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For around 20 years, I have insured my FFs with the Class Association. Have you?

There were rumblings in the last year or so along the lines of the Class scheme falling behind the market. You may remember that our broker of many years was JK Lee in Manchester, who then got sold to Cobra. Now we hear that the management team have done an MBO and our scheme goes back to the old team in Manchester but with a new Business Name - except I forget what the name is....

Well, in the middle of all this, BIFFA HQ has decided it is time we gave the scheme the once over. Chris Waples has volunteered to take a look at it and see if it is indeed falling behind or not.

Our Association scheme runs to February 2013 when it will be renewed. If you have any strong viewpoints (!), examples from other classes, or indeed skills to offer, you can contact Chris via email on [email protected] and we shall forward your messages to him.

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