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Jeremy Arnold 192

F15s at the Chippendale Centenary event

Celebrating the life of master boatbuilder Jack Chippendale

There is a link below to a full article about this event written by Dougal Henshall and published on the Yachts and Yachting website - but first a few words (and pictures) from Classic Flying Fifteen stalwart Graham Lamond:

Bobby Salmond and I took our boats, 627 Vamoose and 1155 Squall. Jordan Aspin crewed for me. In the group photo, at left is Frank Alexander and right is Bob Hatcher. These are the guys who built our Fifteens. Second left is Eric Harvey, who was Jack’s foreman and who arranged the event. Photo is taken upstairs on the floor where N12s and Merlins were built. The winch to lift them in and out is still in place in the rafters! 

See below from Graham's photos, and read the full article about the event here:

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