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Jeremy Arnold 211

Dovestone SC 2024 Open Meeting

This long-established open was brought forward to June this year

Great weather, warmth, sun and good winds ensured an enjoyable weekend sailing for all competitors at the Dovestone Open Meeting, the final event in the Northern Travellers Series. Bacon (and vegi) butties in the morning fuelled the competitors for the endeavours. 5 Races were programmed for the weekend. On Saturday the northerly breeze provided challenging beats for the length of the reservoir and good long return runs.

In the first race 3805 (Graham and Chris Massey), had a perfect start towards the port end of the line to lead at the first mark. Throughout the race they were gradually hauled in by 4005 (Andrew McKee and Rich Jones), who just managed to achieve an inside overlap at the last mark and snatch first place at the finish. 4065 (David McKee and Mal Hartland), came 3rd. 3332 (Tim Allen and Iain McNeill), scored a 4th followed by 3733 (Michael and Sarah Harris of B&FYC).


A prompt turnaround for the second race saw 4065 lead at the first mark from 4005, but after splitting gybes on the first run 4005 gained the lead to take another win. 3332 had another strong race to finish 2nd. The classics 2125 (Gavin Cassidy and Anne Webb), and 496 (Rod Rowlands and Alice Morris) did well and posted 5th and 6th places.

After a break for a substantial afternoon tea and scones, the final race on Saturday got under way. 3805 again started well, although they were chased down by 4005 and 4065. A tight finish at the line between 3732 (Ian and Val Hockey B&FYC), a second ahead of the silver 3332, resulted in a reversal of their positions on handicap.

The club volunteers provided a mouth-watering array of culinary delights all weekend. On the Saturday night we had a party with a great meal including a tagine with all the trimmings. This was followed by the “World Ice cube Curling Championships”. 7 teams fought out a spectacular competition that was eventually won by the scratch team “Happy Quimpers”, a team of DSC supporters at the recent FF Euro’s in Morgat.

Sunday dawned with more sun and more butties. The wind had shifted to the west and a new course was set that included two beats and 2 offwind spinnaker legs. In the 4th race 4065 lead to the first mark but, after various tactical manoeuvres by both boats, resulted in position changes. 4005 gained the lead and held this to the finish. 2125 continued their good form with a 4th place. 496 banked another 6th place.

The final race was a continuation of the story of the event with 4005 and 4065 battling it out at the front, again going in favour of 4005 who completed their clean sweep. 3805 had another strong race to finish 3rd followed by 3732. Close finishes meant that the boat handicaps came strongly in to play with good results for the classic and silver boats overall.

After a delicious lunch time spread of Fajitas and loaded nachos, the Open and Travellers series prizes were awarded.



Flying Fifteen Open Meeting 2024

Dovestone SC

Results are final as of 15:40 on June 2, 2024


Sailed: 5, Discards: 1, To count: 4, Rating system: PY, Entries: 12, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Fleet Class SailNo Club HelmName CrewName PY R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total Nett
1st Flying15 FLYING FIFTEEN 4005 Dovestone SC Andrew McKee Richard Jones 1026 (1.00) 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 5.00 4.00
2nd Flying15 FLYING FIFTEEN 4065 Dovestone SC David McKee Mal Hartland 1026 (3.00) 3.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 12.00 9.00
3rd Flying15 FLYING FIFTEEN 3805 Dovestone SC Graham Massey Chris Massey 1026 2.00 (4.00) 3.00 3.00 3.00 15.00 11.00
4th Flying15 FLYING FIFTEEN Silver 3332 Dovestone SC Tim Allen Iain McNeill 1039 4.00 2.00 (6.00) 5.00 6.00 23.00 17.00
5th Flying15 FLYING FIFTEEN Classic 2125 Dovestone SC Gavin Cassidy Anne Webb 1051 (9.00) 5.00 5.00 4.00 5.00 28.00 19.00
6th Flying15 FLYING FIFTEEN 3733 B&FYC Michael Harris Sarah Harris 1026 5.00 7.00 4.00 (10.00) 7.00 33.00 23.00
7th   FLYING FIFTEEN 3732 B&FYC Ian Hockey Val Hockey 1026 6.00 8.00 7.00 (8.50) 4.00 33.50 25.00
8th Flying15 FLYING FIFTEEN Classic 496 Dovestone SC Rod Rowlands Alice Morris 1051 8.00 6.00 (9.00) 6.00 8.00 37.00 28.00
9th Flying15 FLYING FIFTEEN Classic 2584 Dovestone SC Howard Wolstencroft John Heston 1051 7.00 9.00 10.00 (11.00) 9.00 46.00 35.00
10th Flying15 FLYING FIFTEEN Silver 2864 Notts County SC Ian Shaw Sonia Kwiatkowska 1039 10.00 10.00 8.00 8.50 (13.00 DNF) 49.50 36.50
11th Flying15 FLYING FIFTEEN Classic 419 Dovestone SC Mick Scholes Kathryn Dickenson 1051 (13.00 DNC) 13.00 DNC 13.00 DNC 7.00 10.00 56.00 43.00
12th Flying15 FLYING FIFTEEN 3683 Dovestone SC Ian Johnson Mark Healey 1026 11.00 (13.00 DNF) 11.00 12.00 11.00 58.00 45.00

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