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Content required for FF World 2024
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Content required for FF World 2024

What do you wish to share about your club, season, F15 experiences?

I have been receiving good feedback on this year's FF World. Many thanks for that and I am glad that so many enjoyed it.

Planning for the February 2024 edition has started and your contributions are needed as always. 

Articles on any F15 related subject, whether they are technical, social or racing, are welcomed. Copy deadline is end of December 2023, BUT send your copy throughout the year. They will also be used for web articles.

PHOTOS: We received too many photos that were diminutive in scale and file size for this edition. It explains the small images displayed above larger images in this edition. 

If you have professional photographers supplying you please ensure that at least some of their image are large scale suitable for print. Too many times all they supply is images for social media on phones, and these do not scale up to print size.

For the amateur phtotographers please supply photos direct off the camera. We can deal with most RAW format images here as well.

Looking forward to being swamped with new stuff (but knowing I won't be!).

Simon Thompson

FF World Editor and Webmaster for UKFFA and FFI
GBR4080 Windbreaker

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