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Club Support Package - Datchet Idea 6...!!

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We have another idea to go in the Practical Support part of the Club Support Package. This idea comes from our Vice Captain John Hanson and is on the subject of Fleet Insurance. We'd have to take a look at the numbers side of this, but it's very interesting.

Today we have a fleet scheme which we sign up to - and the Insurance Company sends a commission sharing cheque to BIFFA. It's not huge though - I may be wrong but from memory it's about ???? Lets say about the equivalent of just 10 new membership fees.

So John's idea is that the Association abandons or surrenders its little commission share. Instead how would it be if there was a small volume discount offered by the broker to customers - but only if they were paid up members of the Association? Would that persuade more than 10 potential new members to join??

Interesting ... Is worth thinking about some more....

I wonder how many owners on the FF Fleet Insurance Scheme are actually members of the Association??

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