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Aldeburgh Flying Fifteen fleet
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Aldeburgh Flying Fifteen fleet

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As the Aldeburgh Flying 15 fleet has now completed its first year of revival, I thought I would send round for information a brief report to highlight what has happened and plans for the coming year.

  • A spree of end of season boat-buying has taken the fleet numbers from 3 at the end of 2016 to 13 at the end of 2017. And more interest is being expressed by other so we are hoping for further fleet growth during 2018

  • The majority of boats being bought are early gold fleet boats – with sail numbers between 3400 – 3700: built by Ovington, Coryn or Dingwall, relatively cheap but with solid hulls and decks and plenty of life left in them

  • We also lost a boat – sunk and written off – number 2552 Ffaux Pas. A 30 year old buoyancy bag burst following a major broach and swamping. No one was hurt but a salutary lesson for all.

  • During the season we have been joined by a number of visitors - ex Aldeburgh classic 202 Silver Fox down from Scotland and boats 3181 and 1543 whose helms sail on the River Deben – the next river down the coast in Suffolk, where facilities don’t really work for dry sailing fifteens. We are hoping to coax these two boats into our fleet on a more permanent basis

  • We had 8 fifteens compete at the Aldeburgh Classic regatta and the same number (but not all the same boats) at Aldeburgh Regatta week. The 15s had their own class start for the first time in many years at regatta week.

  • The 15s have also become the mainstay of the fast handicap fleet at Aldeburgh for weekend racing

  • The Aldeburgh Yacht Club has agreed to invest c£8,000 in a new winch to aid dry sailing of the 15s and other fleets, and also implement a potential solution to fix the dropoff at the bottom end of the slipway which makes fifteen recovery at low tide a real pain

  • In 2018 we are not intending to host an open meeting but visitors are very welcome to attend the Aldeburgh Classic regatta (June 16-17) and Aldeburgh regatta week (19-25th August). We plan to hold our first open meeting at the earliest in 2019.

  • I doubt many Aldeburgh boats will be tempted to travel much elsewhere in the near term, but over time a few may be seen on the circuit.

May I thank everyone for their support and good wishes over the last year.

Kind regards

Nick Barker
AYC F15 Fleet Convenor


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Keith Jamieson

A few more pictures added to this article

Affrodite 962

Close to Aldeburgh in the alphabet but a long way by sea is the Flying Fifteen Classic fleet in Apollo Bay. Almost in the Roaring Forties, Apollo Bay is the most Southerly village on the Australian mainland!
Home to a growing fleet now up to of 10 sailing Classic Fifteens (Affrodite 962, April Dancer, Black Pearl 2352, Cest si Bon, Euffamism 2250, FFantome 2100, Miss Molly 2380, Wal, Windswept, Ziff).
With a few more up in the hills (Knives and Forks 1942?, Town Bike 1404? & Zappa) that don’t get out much!
Is this the largest fleet of active Classics in the world? We’d love to hear there are more out there! We’re just a little club with a few dinghies and a dozen keelboats but the Classic Fifteens are our competitive fleet racing class with 6-9 on the water throughout summer. Affordable, robust and capable in the big swells of the Southern Ocean – an ideal boat for a sail on the fringes of the Bass Strait.
Glad to hear there are still Classics sailing in the UK. They are getting less common Down Under – or maybe they are all coming to Apollo Bay for their twilight years!

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