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A Piece of History - Cotton FF Genoa!!
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A Piece of History - Cotton FF Genoa!!

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It is some time since I saw a cotton sail, but this just came in from Hamish McKay.

Does anyone have a good home for this sail – it should really be in a museum?
I got it from my father in law, it has been sitting in his attic for years, he sailed F15s many years ago!
It is a cotton jib, in remarkably good condition although a little crushed, as the picture show, from 1957 apparently.  Made by John Mackenzies & Co Sailmakers in Sandbank Scotland.  The piston hanks work.  It comes in a canvas? bag.  There is also a spinnaker bag from Ratsey but no sail.
This is really too good to throw out and I can’t bring myself to put it on ebay!
Does anyone have a good use for this – seems a shame to lose a bit F15 history?

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