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2013 Rankings Sponsored by UKGlobal
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2013 Rankings Sponsored by UKGlobal

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The 2013 “UKGlobal Rankings”

What a tremendous year it’s been for the UK Flying Fifteens!  We’ve had Graham and Chris winning the Worlds, Steve and Phil taking the UK Nationals and all the Regional Championships, and Richard and Matt coming top in the UKGlobal Rankings.

The UK Global Rankings were launched with the following objectives:

- Encourage teams to travel to more Open Meetings

- Provide a chance for our next layer of talent to shine through

- Give us a system and publicity focus that enables us to focus more on our whole season and not just individual events

- Provide a platform from which we can innovate eg “most improved” awards at the Nationals

The Flying Fifteens ran and monitored 26 Open Meetings in 2013, and there were 14 different winning teams – outstanding!  By the way, just over a third of our competing teams sailed a Classic or Silver – excellent!

How did the Rankings pilot go?  What were the key learnings?

- A lot of close competition at the top belies some dominant performances in 2013.

- If you have looked at the design of the Rankings, you’ll know that events get weighted for importance.  BIFFA is of the opinion that the weightings for 2013 were erroneous in that they did not adequately reflect the importance of our blue riband events namely the four regional championships and the UK Nationals.  In 2014, the National Rankings will place far more emphasis on the big five events, and particularly on the UK Nationals.  

- For maximum effect, we are very dependent on Clubs getting their results in on a timely basis.

- We can do better to improve the branding opportunity for sponsors.

What are the Highlights and what can we celebrate?

For a start, we had 227 teams attend one Open Meeting or more.  We had 113 teams attend the BIFFA Regional and National Championship Program. We would say that’s a stand-out number for any UK Class.  “How many teams really travel the circuit?”, you’ll be thinking.  Well, the answer is that 39 teams did two Opens, and actually 20 did three.   So that’s our keen core right there – two to three dozen pretty serious teams.  We will be hoping to see that number rise, but in this deeply recessionary period we can celebrate the level of racing that we have.            


From the statistics on our new website, we know lot of people have followed this pilot year of the Rankings.  It generates a lot of interest.  A key realization is that we can do a lot more with this. We shall go forward into 2014 with new weightings and, in addition, we shall include Rankings for crews in 2014 so that we can announce the top helm AND crew at the end of the season.

We shall be seeking sponsorship for the 2014 National Rankings.  Our thanks to our Fleet Insurer, UKGLOBAL, for their support in 2013.   

Finally, I would like to thank Tom Waples who came up with the original concept of the National Rankings and who does all the number crunching in the background so they can be delivered to your desktops each week.  I’m pleased to say that Tom will again manage the National Rankings in 2014.  Many thanks Tom for your continuing efforts!

Jeremy Davy

President, BIFFA

Click here to see our Executive Summary of the 2013 Rankings.  

Click here to see the full 2013 results table.

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