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Mike Pearcereplied to: RE: Gopro Mount

I have seen people mount them on the end of the boom. If you use a suction cup on the deck, drill a small hole through the lip the back of the deck (n...


Mike Pearcereplied to: RE: Falmouth National Championship photos

Hi Simon. Sorry - missed your response. Very happy for you to use them anywhere to promote the FF Class Association. Cheers Mike


Mike Pearcecreated the topic: Falmouth National Championship photos

Taken by Julie Jackson from the press boat on Friday 29th September.


Mike Pearcecreated the topic: Falmouth Week & the Nationals

Falmouth Week: a great precursor for the Nationals


Mike Pearcecreated the topic: Falmouth Week & the Nationals

Falmouth Week: a great precursor for the Nationals


Mike Pearcecreated the topic: Inland Championship this weekend

Great weather forecast


Mike Pearcecreated the topic: Chew Valley Lake SC Open - 29 & 30th October

The last blast!


Mike Pearcereplied to: RE: Please suggest a good layout

Hi Alan. I think you have not had any replies to this question because most of us probably think it isn't worth refurbishing a MkIV when there are re...


Mike Pearcereplied to: RE: Help with setting up a Flying Fifteen

Hi Robert. Here's one to get you going: More to follow. Kind regards Mike


Mike Pearcereplied to: RE: Spinnaker Cleat Turrets

Hi Lee. We had the same issue on 2870 (Windebank 4). Although we did make wooden turrets (for 2663 - a Windebank 3) it is a lot easier to buy ready m...


Mike Pearcereplied to: RE: Center Console Conversion

We were very nervous about removing the lateral stiffening provided by the traveler we removed, but although the boat did deform a little when maximum...


Mike Pearcereplied to: RE: Sailing events in the sea

Hi Lee. I think you'll get more out of sailing on the sea with other 15's, both in discussing techniques and comparing boat set-ups and seeing how ...


Mike Pearcereplied to: RE: Center Console Conversion

Hi Lee. We did this to 2663, a Windebank 3. See for details. The only modification since then has be...


Mike Pearcecreated the topic: Flying 15s at Falmouth Week

Eight visiting boats joined two local boats in a great week of racing in Carrick Roads, Falmouth, UK that threw everything at the fleet from perfect ...


Mike Pearcereplied to: RE: Soft Decks on Mk4 Windebank

Hi Lee. I have owned a Windebank 3 (2663) and a Windebank 4 (2870). Both had the same problem you describe. I don't think the fibreglass has gone ...


Mike Pearcecreated the topic: 2015 Nationals Prize Giving Photos

I took a few pictures at the prize giving. The best of them are here:[email protected]/8jx955 Cheers Mike


Mike Pearcecreated the topic: Rutland SC FF Open June 2015 results

Final results published


Mike Pearcereplied to: RE: Main sheet jammer alternatives?

For those interested - we have now used one of the Spinlock jammers in lighter (today!!) and stronger winds and it works well. The main difference is...


Mike Pearcereplied to: RE: Should the Association only allow the Association's own Championships as Open Meetings?

I would be interested to know why people tend not to travel anymore. Perhaps people lost the habit during the recession? Well, the government keeps sa...


Mike Pearcereplied to: RE: Rule Change - removing restriction on number of sales per year

I confess I'm in two minds about this suggested rule change. I can see it developing into a cheque book sailing /arms race for those who can afford it...


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