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Flying 15 boats sails and gear required

For Sale and Wanted/Items Wanted
Do you have stuff you no longer use on your FF? Why not see if it could be helpful to others here.

Boats, Sails and Equipment Wanted

If Posting this is the small print

We really appreciate the regular use of the second hand listing pages and we’ve been working hard to ensure that this is easy to use and gives a quick response.  

However we’d like to remind you that a little bit of patience is required with these new features, if you upload an advert it WILL NOT appear immediately even if you have paid by card.  This because a HUMAN, not a computer needs to approve your advert.

So if your advert doesn’t appear immediately, please don’t up load another. It hasn’t appeared because it hasn’t been approved by one of the two or three HUMANS who do this! 

Please note we do not deal with third party contracted web developers to place adverts on this site we only accept adverts from members or Flying Fifteen owners on these pages.

Thanks for listening

The management!

Posting Instructions
  1. You need to be Registered on the site and logged in to be able to post an entry.
  2. Ensure that you have paid the fee HERE, otherwise the advert will not be approved and displayed.
  3. Ensure you are logged in on the Add a Boat page.
  4. Enter the information about your boat or other items for sale (Title & Description).
  5. If you have created your advert in WORD, please use this feature in the top menu bar Paste From Word button and select the "paste from Word" option otherwise what you see may not reflect what you intended.
    If you wish to have an image in the body of the text, we can add it in for you or if you feel competent then use the edit window to achieve this.
  6. Copy the first line of the Description to the Summary section and the full content to the Body. This will appear on Facebook and the Home Page.
  7. Upload your image in the Images Gallery section. Click the + symbol to expand the image section first if you have not already done this. Use the Select Images button to select an image from your PC. Select a landscape image first if you are adding multiple images. This will appear on the Home Page.
  8. When at the category section you need to select both the Items for Sale main category AND a sub-category in the Organize section below that matches what you have for Sale. They should be highlighted in blue.
    (TIP: hold down the CTRL key in order to be able to select both together).
  9. Finally, when you have entered all the information and your advert is ready to be published click on Publish and the advert will be sent for Approval, please add an expiry date in the date box above these buttons.  If you do not we will add one for you usually 6 - 12 months after the date of publication.  If you require the advert to stay on or be re-submitted please advise us.
    If you click on Update, the advert will only be visible by yourself. This is useful if you wish to come back and change or add information before finally publishing the advert.

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