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Flying 15s for Sale in the UK fleet

For Sale and Wanted/Flying 15s for Sale
These are only the boats advertised with the UK Association. Other boats may be for sale in fleets around the country.

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We really appreciate the regular use of the second hand listing pages and we’ve been working hard to ensure that this is easy to use and gives a quick response.  

However we’d like to remind you that a little bit of patience is required with these new features, if you upload an advert it WILL NOT appear immediately even if you have paid by card.  This because a HUMAN, not a computer needs to approve your advert.

So if your advert doesn’t appear immediately, please don’t up load another. It hasn’t appeared because it hasn’t been approved by one of the two or three HUMANS who do this! 

Please note we do not deal with third party contracted web developers to place adverts on this site we only accept adverts from members or Flying Fifteen owners on these pages.

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  9. Finally, when you have entered all the information and your advert is ready to be published click on Request for Approval and the advert will be sent for Approval.  We automatically add an expiry date at 6 months after the date of publication.  If you require the advert to stay on or be re-submitted please advise us. 

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Boats (and Gear) For Sale Listings

1957 Flying Fifteen, Number 228
Boats For Sale

1957 Flying Fifteen, Number 228

Iris was built by Tormentor yacht station ltd, Southampton

This Flying Fifteen was never finished, she was measured and certificated, I have all the paper work, this boat was in the loft of a workshop for over 55years, she was going to be burnt, but I saved her and did a full refit, she has only been sailed once in her life and that was in 2015, she is ready to sail, this boat is complete, she has a spare masts, road/launching trailer, this boat is unique.
GBR3642 £3750

GBR3642 £3750

'Deffiant' Ovington Mk9 Smoothie

GBR3642 £3750

‘Deffiant’ Ovington Mk9 Smoothie. Selden mast and boom. Latest jib with matching P&B sails including spare old set. Spinnaker chute and self-launching pole.  Road/launch trailer. 

Flying Fifteen renovation project looking for new home
Boats For Sale

Flying Fifteen renovation project looking for new home

K630 (1963)

I won’t be able to do the work I want to do on this boat for a long time so am looking for someone who will take it on and give it the renovation it deserves. I want to protect it from asset stripping so am offering the boat free to a good home providing the new owner persuades me he/ she is serious about renovation and makes a £500 donation to the RNLI for the trailer.

All wood Chippendale Flying Fifteen hull (no fittings) and keel on very little used road trailer. Hull looks in good order, decks need work and keel needs some tlc (but I’ve seen worse actually racing!). Currently sitting near Somerset-Dorset border (BA8 0RA). Please message me if interested
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