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Where to buy new and used Flying 15s

Flying 15/Buying a Flying 15
Whatever your budget there is a Flying 15 to suit you. Read more about how to track one down that is right for you.

Buying a Flying 15

Whatever your budget there is a Flying 15 that will suit you. 

Useful links to suppliers to the fleet can be found here.

Second hand boats

If your budget does not run to a brand new boat or you wish to sail one for a season before making a more serious commitment, then the best place to start is by looking at our For Sale pages. Please be aware that unless we are advised the boats have been sold, you may see adverts where the boat is no longer for sale.

As this is not an eCommerce website there is no select by price range facility. The boats appear in the order they were placed on the site for sale, newest first.

Older boats can be just as competitive. All it needs is investment in new sails. The UK National Champion in 2016 was sailing a 13 year old boat.

Prices for used boats can range from £2,000 to £20,000 depending on age. Flying 15's hold their prices well and represent a low financial risk. boats in their first 10 years typically lose value at the rate of £1000 a year.

New boats

Your choice here is to either buy a hull from Ovington Boats and fit it out yourself, or go to one of the two Chandlers who specialise in fitting out Flying 15s.

All these companies will be happy to talk you through buying the correctly fitted out boat for you.

Phil Evans Sailing Services is based in Kendal. Phil has sailed with Steve Goacher and they are multi-World and National Champions in Flying 15's,  they have sailed in many other classes at the highest level. Steve is also one of the three main sailmakers to the fleet.

Pinnell & Bax, based in Northampton are a well known supplier to the sailing world and fit out many classes of boats. Alan Bax and now Ian Pinnell both have sailed Flying 15s and understand how best to rig out our boats. P&B are also one of the fleets three main sailmakers.

Also see the article "Still Flying After 71 Years" - an interview with Nathan Batchelor of Ovington Boats

New Flying 15s can be bought from these suppliers ready to sail for about £25,000 at 2017 prices.

The main Sail makers in the class are Goacher Sails Hyde Sails and P&B Sails though any sail maker is free to make sails for a Flying 15 (as long as the measure or course) and other sail makers products can be seen in the fleet - North, H&D, Owen to name but a few.



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