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Robert Pittsreplied to: RE: Nationals at Falmouth?

Hi Simon That sounds like a plan - for whatever reason I thought 2017 was in contention but what's a year in FF history. I think the guys down th...


Robert Pittsreplied to: RE: Measurement Certificate

Hi Jim You should be able to get a replacement from the RYA (they keep copies of all the valid FF measurement certificates). If you are a member ...


Robert Pittsreplied to: RE: Rule Change - removing restriction on number of sales per year

There is also an argument that suggests that it would encourage teams to try new sailmakers (they would not use up their one per year quota on a new a...


Robert Pittscreated the topic: The mast spar shall be of ...

When did we adopt teh current rule for mast materials?


Robert Pittsreplied to: RE: Center Console Conversion

Hi Mike / Lee Is there an issue in removing an part of the boat that I would imagine is a strong point. I guess Mike you must have considered thi...


Robert Pittsreplied to: RE: Difference between open fleet boat models

Hi Lee I have sailed both a late Coryn (3597) which I still own and also an early Ovi X (3796) which I am currently chartering. I can say with my...


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