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Jeremy Arnold 1240

Take a Closer Look

2021 Dinghy Show feature


Since we can’t show you a real boat this year we thought the next-best thing would be a selection of photos of Flying Fifteens exhibited at previous dinghy shows over the last few years.

The Flying Fifteen class is one in which owners are largely unrestricted in what they can do with the layouts and systems of their boats, and half the fun of attending the dinghy show each year is being able to stick your head under the decks of the boats on display in order to see exactly what their owners have done and how everything works.

The galleries below show close-up photos of the inner workings of both professionally-completed boats and ones that have been fitted-out at home by their owners - and include examples of boats used primarily for local club sailing as well as, in two different cases, to win the Flying Fifteen World Championship. We are very grateful to Richard Jones from Datchet for allowing us to publish the photos here - Richard runs his own excellent Flying Fifteen blog, and all the photos shown were taken either by Richard himself or by his various contributors.

The photos shown here naturally only represent a snapshot of what can be done when fitting-out a modern Flying Fifteen, but they do give some clues of some the latest trends and developments in boat layouts – for the instance the popularity now of twin self-launching spinnaker poles system, the switch  in some cases to having the spinnaker halyard operated by the crew rather than the helm, and also for instance the emphasis now being put on being able to sheet the jib closer to the centreline.

Please take a few minutes to browse through the various photo galleries shown, and if you have any specific questions don’t hesitate to contact a UKFFA representative via the chat feature available at Flying Fifteen Virtual Dinghy Show booth. Thankyou!

UK Flying Fifteen Association, February 2021


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