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Light and Strong Wind Shy Sailors....

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Those light and strong winds shy sailors.

In a land forecast of 15 mph you will usually see 'gusting 30'  Any medical or physical limitations people don't tell their friends  in adrenalin pumping craft that have become too much for them. Light winds are about a lot of paper reading and practice. An hour's drive to a chance of no race when few people will drive that far for a certainty? Hiking is out in strong winds for short legged people. I've seen broached new boats spending too long advertising the ff capsized owing to far too much buoyancy. 

And 20 years ago, Veronica Falat, as General Secretary discovered that Flying Fifteeners are famous for doing other things.  We even have a new middle aged beginner who thinks he can go off to his second home in Spain when he likes!

If you can't move  your club to another planet that's  just 50 years behind Earth it has to tick all the boxes you can think of because  dinghy sailors don't age any longer. There's  now more choices of activity.  Dinghy sailing expanded artificially after the WW2 by philanthropic whole page newspaper  advertising to outdoor type ex service men and women who hadn't wanted to propel balls or fish in their spare time. They were going to be bored to death in civvie street. There's no longer an any weather supply from the Navy and RAF.  But patience, the Navy has resumed small boat training after a gap of 30 years, but the RAF has converted to  board and kite things. Meantime tap into all the middle age  starters who'll never be able to tie a bowline; usually a waste of time if  sea going is possible from your water. 

A blog of another thing for all classes  to try  is attached.   

                                                                                                                                                                           n.b. The wide side decked GRP boats and rounded wooden cockpit decks appeal only to average to longer legged people.  Short thighs can't hike off wide decks, they've little left inboard to counterbalance with.  So  it's angled decks but no raised floors  to put off tall people. Low duck board bottoms instead or raise the control lines so there's no choice but to step over them.                                                                                                                                       Peter Clark ff 1333 Humber Yawl Club

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