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Flying 15s for Sale in the UK fleet

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Flying 15s for Sale in the UK fleet

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Richard Watson 244

Flying Fifteen 1502 - Fforceps

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Located in Hertford

Flying Fifteen 1502 - Fforceps was built from the same Burgess built mould as FF647 - September Song. The hull is diagonal cold moulded and then fore & aft strip planked in Mahogany. Resorcinol Formaldehyde glue was used throughout in its construction. The boat has been little used in its lifetime and for at least the last 20 years has been under a heavy duty cover.

All sails are included along with a braked trailer.

Given the length of time in storage, it is likely that a reasonable amount of work will need to be undertaken to restore Fforceps to its former pristine and well made state. If the boat is not found a new home it is likely that the boat will be broken up as the owner has moved house and can no longer accommodate it.

No cost is involved with the sale of this boat with the hope that it will find a new home with someone who is prepared to spend some time in restoring it to its original condition.

Contact Richard Watson: [email protected] or 07747 758494



Documents to download

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  • IMG_3376(.jpg, 1.83 MB) - 23 download(s)

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  • IMG_3382(.jpg, 2.69 MB) - 18 download(s)

  • IMG_3383(.jpg, 2.57 MB) - 15 download(s)

  • IMG_3384(.jpg, 2.39 MB) - 23 download(s)

  • IMG_3385(.jpg, 1.91 MB) - 21 download(s)

  • IMG_3386(.jpg, 1.7 MB) - 19 download(s)

  • IMG_3387(.jpg, 1.84 MB) - 22 download(s)

  • IMG_3388(.jpg, 1.65 MB) - 24 download(s)

  • IMG_3389(.jpg, 2.42 MB) - 20 download(s)

  • P9050011(.mov, 16.96 MB) - 26 download(s)

  • P9050012(.mov, 8.86 MB) - 20 download(s)

  • P9050013(.mov, 24.36 MB) - 16 download(s)

  • P9050014(.mov, 19.28 MB) - 15 download(s)

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