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midnight999replied to: RE: Spinnaker Cleat Turrets

Hi Mike, yes please that would be very much appreciated, if you could take some dimensions too that would be great ☺ Kieth, Im in South Wales if you ...


midnight999replied to: RE: Spinnaker Cleat Turrets

Hi Simon, Yes was hoping for wooden ones, I wonder if the fiberglass ones from P&B would fit a Mk4, although they are very expensive!Also need to mak...


midnight999created the topic: Spinnaker Cleat Turrets

Does anyone know if you can buy the wooden turrets that the spinnaker cleats sit on just by the twinners and shrouds? I don't have these on my Mk4 and...


midnight999replied to: RE: Spinnaker Pole Height

Well I finally managed to get this sorted! it turns out we have been rigging it wrong all this time, someone had added an eye to the pole at the centr...


midnight999My homemade carbon fiber genoa cleat plates, old wooden ones were rotten, these work well and look much better


    midnight999created the topic: Sailing events in the sea

    Hi all, We are hoping to travel to more events next year once we get our road trailer repaired and would really like to take part in events in the se...


    midnight999created the topic: Center Console Conversion

    I am thinking of converting my boat to a center console, it's a Mk 4 Windebank so currently has the wooden cross member with everything mounted to tha...


    midnight999replied to: RE: Spinnaker Pole Height

    Hi Keith, The uphaul line comes out at the bottom of the mast where the other lines exit, its then led back to the wooden crossbar by the main sheet ...


    midnight999replied to: RE: Spinnaker Pole Height

    Hi Keith, No the uphaul exists the mast over 3/4's the way up between spreaders and deck, its not far below the spreaders at all. The downhaul leads ...


    midnight999created the topic: Spinnaker Pole Height

    Can someone offer some advise on what may be wrong with my pole height adjustment, If I set it so that the pole will launch just below the horizontal ...


    midnight999replied to: RE: Soft Decks on Mk4 Windebank

    Hi Mike, Thanks for that it's good to know, perhaps I have been worrying for nothing. Yeah we have adopted the seal launch approach to getting to the...


    midnight999created the topic: Difference between open fleet boat models

    I have been wondering about the difference between the open fleet boat models available on the used market and how they compare speed and quality wise...


    midnight999created the topic: Soft Decks on Mk4 Windebank

    Hi all, after some general advice, I have a Mk 4 Windebank that I bought very cheap, after fitting some newer sails the boat has turned out to be very...


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